Episode 10 – We Have Spoken (with @itsbobbybitch_)

Incoming Transmission…The Voice of the Force Podcast brings you a special news episode! Joining the crew on this episode is Bobby Downey of castle Wyrmwood, who’s inclusion has brought balance to the crew’s positive and negative outlooks on Star Wars lore and recent events! Whether you’re in your favourite Cantina, Transport or Floaty Chair…(Crib?) settle back and enjoy the discussion. WE HAVE SPOKEN!

Fan Pick of the Podcast: Galaxy of Adventures AMV (Music by Yui)

You can find Bobby Downey on Twitter: @itsbobbybitch_

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Tell us what you enjoyed or didn’t about the show! Be sure to leave a question, comment, or theory at any of the places below and we will read it on the next episode:

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