The Book of Boba Fett Chapter 7: In The Name of Honor (with @JediBrian)

The Voice of the Force Podcast · The Book of Boba Fett Chapter 7 - In the Name of Honor (with @JediBrian) Join Dan, Ed, Noma, and Brian as they fight alongside the defence of Mos Espa... Find Brian Ballance at Twitter: Instagram: The Interesting Podcast: The Dorky Diva Podcast: Continue Reading →

Episode 14 – The Florida Cast

The Voice of the Force Podcast · Episode 14 - The Florida Cast Happy new year and welcome back to our Death Star sized episode! Dan, Ed, and Noma are joined by fellow Star Wars fan Vanessa Gambler  as well as Brian Ballance of The Interesting Podcast and The Dorky Diva Show. On this episode... Continue Reading →

Episode 10 – We Have Spoken (with @itsbobbybitch_)

Incoming Transmission…The Voice of the Force Podcast brings you a special news episode! Joining the crew on this episode is Bobby Downey of castle Wyrmwood, who’s inclusion has brought balance to the crew’s positive and negative outlooks on Star Wars lore and recent events! Whether you’re in your favourite Cantina, Transport or Floaty Chair…(Crib?) settle... Continue Reading →

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