Episode 18 – Everything’s Bigger in 40k

The Voice of the Force Podcast · Episode 17 - Everything's Bigger In 40k Wait what…just…happened? I f̶̳ȩ̟e͏̩ḷ̨ ̺́k̶͈i͏̯ń̼d͕̀a̶̢̤ ̡̗̀S̵̭͡t҉̵͎̟r̪̀̕a̢҉͈̜n͙͘͟g͚͟͜e̛͠͡,̶̸̴ ̶̧͜d̀͜͞ò̶͘e̶̵҉̘̞͎s̸͘͟ ̢͞͞à̶́n̶͏͠ỳ̛́ơ̢̕ǹ̡͞e̡̕͞ ͜͞͠f̴̸͢e̵̶͟e̛҉̶̀́l̀҉̢͜͢ ̵̀͟ḱ͜͡i̴̡͝n̴͞͡d҉̸̢͝ą́͢ ̵̸́l̛͠͡i̢̧͟k̴͠͝e͏̶́ ̷̡̕t̢̛͡h̷̷̴é́͜ ̷҉Ge҉l҉l҉ar ҉Field ҉f҉ail҉e҉d҉?!Mortar and Pestle Productions Community Theatre http://www.mortarandpestleproductions.com/ Instagram: @mortarandpestleproductionsTwitter: @MP_production_Facebook: Mortar & Pestle Productions Hobby Knights in Canada http://hobbyknightsincanada.ca/ Tell us what you enjoyed or didn't about our... Continue Reading →

Episode 14 – The Florida Cast

The Voice of the Force Podcast · Episode 14 - The Florida Cast Happy new year and welcome back to our Death Star sized episode! Dan, Ed, and Noma are joined by fellow Star Wars fan Vanessa Gambler  as well as Brian Ballance of The Interesting Podcast and The Dorky Diva Show. On this episode... Continue Reading →

Episode 13 – We Have Returned

The Voice of the Force Podcast · Episode 13 - We Have Returned It has been awhile, but we have returned stronger with the Force and ours have doubled since the last time we met! On this episode of the Voice of the Force Podcast we discuss new character reveals for The High Republic, our... Continue Reading →

Episode 12 – The High Republic

The Voice of the Force Podcast · Episode 12 - The High Republic On this episode, Dan, Ed, and Noma discuss everything we know about the new literature initiative by Lucasfilm. The High Republic. Taking place 200 years before the events of Episode 1: The Phantom Menace we learn about the adventures of the Jedi... Continue Reading →

Episode 10 – We Have Spoken (with @itsbobbybitch_)

Incoming Transmission…The Voice of the Force Podcast brings you a special news episode! Joining the crew on this episode is Bobby Downey of castle Wyrmwood, who’s inclusion has brought balance to the crew’s positive and negative outlooks on Star Wars lore and recent events! Whether you’re in your favourite Cantina, Transport or Floaty Chair…(Crib?) settle... Continue Reading →

Episode 6 – A Galaxy Close to Home

Ed is out this podcast, but will be back on the next Temple Archives. Dan and Noma sit down and discuss the Death Star sized news that dropped for both Galaxy’s Edge and Star Wars Celebration Chicago. Don’t miss out on the great tips and tricks for attendees of Star Wars Celebration! We round out... Continue Reading →

Episode 5 – It’s a Wrap!

We begin this episode with Apple Podcast review and some ForceFunFacts. On this show, we discuss Episode IX and The Mandalorian wrapping up, some newly released Star Wars animations, lots of audiobook news, Count Dooku & Anakin coming to Battlefront 2, all things Fantasy Flight, and of course, news regarding Star Wars Celebration! Don’t miss... Continue Reading →

Episode 4 – Fantasy Flight Fanatic

Ed starts off this episode with a shout out to the Nerdherder Podcast (@NrdHerderCast on Twitter) for telling us their favourite droid from the Star Wars Universe. On this show, we discuss Billy Dee’s award, a few live action tv series news, Noma’s initial reaction to Resistance, and how Noma’s finances disintegrate with all of... Continue Reading →

Episode 3 – Thrawn: Segway

On our December show Ed, Noma, and Dan discuss their favourite droids and tons of news on the two live action tv series! Dan gives his first take on the new Resistance tv series while Ed can’t wait to pre-order the new Thrawn novel, and Noma delivers on X-Wing Releases. Don’t forget to listen to... Continue Reading →

Episode 2 – The Mandalorian Heist

Take a shortcut through the Kessel Run with Dan, Noma, and Ed as they discuss the latest news around John Williams’ recovery, the set of The Mandalorian and more. We update our literature reading list for October 2018 for your book and comic collections. And a fan favourite character from A New Dawn makes a... Continue Reading →

Episode 1 – Humble Beginnings

From the Solo home release to the new Resistance trailers - Ed, Noma, and Dan discuss the news from September 2018 and... take a few detours to get there. We get some great insight from behind the scenes of Solo: A Star Wars story with newly revealed concept art as well as Jon Kasdan’s Twitter... Continue Reading →

Episode 0 – Pilot

Missed out on SDCC? We discuss the 10th Anniversary Clone Wars PanelClone Wars Season 7 TrailerEpisode IX Cast RevealedMissing Rebels? Join the ResistanceResistance: First Look TrailerResistance: Meet Team Fireball TrailerWant to leave feedback or ask us a question?Twitter: twitter.com/voiceforcepodEmail: voiceoftheforce@gmail.com Listen on Google Podcasts, iHeart Radio, Soundcloud, Stitcher, Spotify, TuneIn, Overcasts, Pocketcasts, Podbean & Listen,... Continue Reading →

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