Temple Archives Books- Inbrief & Battlefront Twilight Company

https://soundcloud.com/voiceoftheforce/temple-archives-battlefront-twilight-company-inbrief Prepare for battle as Dan, Noma and Ed follow this squadron’s story after they BRIEFLY discuss the FLEETING adventure of the bounty hunter Brand (Lauren Mel Coelho) as the past of Twilight Company member’s motivations are revealed! Be warned, this one’s SHORT! TEEEEN-HUT! Attention Star Wars Fans! Attention Star Wars Fans! Another Galactic Transmission... Continue Reading →

Star Wars Celebration Day 3 – The Mandalorian Rises & Clone Wars Saved

https://soundcloud.com/voiceoftheforce/star-wars-celebration-day-3-mandalorian-rises-clone-wars-saved Our third day at Star Wars Celebration Chicago was one of our favourite! Listen as Dan, Noma, and Ed discuss The Mandalorian, The Clone Wars, and Vader Immortal reveals! ➡️Day 3 Photo Album⬅️ Leave a question, comment, or theory at any of the places below: Twitter: www.twitter.com/VoiceForcePod (Be sure to use the #VOTF and tag @voiceforcepod) Facebook: www.facebook.com/VoiceForcePod (Comment on... Continue Reading →

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