The Team

The team of the Voice of the Force Podcast is located in Ontario, Canada. Each one of them with their own Star Wars story.

The Podcast Team

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DanHost, Producer, Founder

Dan had a strong connection with Star Wars ever since watching Episode IV: A New Hope as a youngling back in the late 1990s. He started his career as a rebel pilot while playing X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter with his father (helping him not turn his fighter into a fireball right away…). In 2000, Dan fell in love with Star Wars even more, as the franchise was renewed with Episode I: The Phantom Menace and a young character he could relate to. After many years later, and two more movies being released, Dan took a break from Star Wars. As 2011 rolled around, Dan stumbled upon a series he had not seen before, Star Wars: The Clone Wars. This brought back all of the memories he had forgotten about in the years prior. With this rush of nostalgia, he dove into this show and rekindled his link with the Force. During university, he traveled to Celebration Anaheim in 2015 and Celebration Orlando in 2017. As a university graduate and licensed teacher, Dan finally could pursue his passion for Star Wars, by creating a podcast that would help forge a strong knowledge of the franchise: The Voice of the Force. Follow Dan on Twitter

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EdHost, Co-founder

Leaving the movie theatre at age 7, Ed knew he was going to be a Star Wars fan for life. Episode I was the introduction to the galaxy far, far away that would be considered a second home. The literature that is now considered “Legends” further cemented Ed’s infatuation with the series, and then the video game side of the series, especially 2005’s Battlefront 2. With The Voice of the Force podcast, the gaming side of things and literature would be Ed’s forte. Balanced somewhere in between Dan’s positivity and Noma’s passion, Ed takes a usually neutral stance, unless the topic is Empire related.

Noma Crop.gif

NomaHost of Temple Archives, Co-founder

Born in the land of Ontario, Noma was drawn to Star Wars at the early age of 4 and has been a hardcore fan ever since. Noma finished animation college in 2014 and currently works in VFX as a Stereographic Compositor. Noma’s knowledge with Star Wars ranges from most of the current Star Wars canon materials to a large wealth of Expanded Universe material, starting with the Heir to the Empire trilogy. Noma is Voice of the Force’s premier knowledge base for Star Wars board/card and miniature games, as well as Star Wars RPG games currently being released, having played many himself. Out of all the founders at The Voice of the Force, Noma has the most temper of them all and likely has some of the more ‘passionate’ views.

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