Holonet Headlines Episode 1 – The High Republic of Gamers

Welcome to the first episode of Holonet Headlines! On this episode, Ed, Noma and Dan bring news of the exciting gaming frontier brought on by Lucasfilm Games and The High Republic which is flying off the shelves!

Lucasfilm Games: https://bit.ly/3sw8ZLF

Jedi Fallen Order Next-Gen Patch: https://bit.ly/3qvUWnT

The High Republic

Release Event Live Stream: https://youtu.be/uILPgvzj708

New Characters and Books Revealed: https://bit.ly/38U2hHX

Fan Picks of the Podcast
Ed’s Pick – Vader and Troopers at IND vs AUS: https://bit.ly/3sViV1M

Dan’s Pick – Bo-Katan Art Portrait by u/trikuza23 on Reddit: https://bit.ly/3qs4ro4

Tell us what you enjoyed or didn’t about our discussion! Be sure to leave a question, comment, or theory at any of the places below and we will read it on the next episode:

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