Temple Archives Books- Inbrief & Battlefront Twilight Company

Prepare for battle as Dan, Noma and Ed follow this squadron’s story after they BRIEFLY discuss the FLEETING adventure of the bounty hunter Brand (Lauren Mel Coelho) as the past of Twilight Company member’s motivations are revealed! Be warned, this one’s SHORT!

TEEEEN-HUT! Attention Star Wars Fans! Attention Star Wars Fans! Another Galactic Transmission of Temple Archives has just come in! The Empire is on the move and the Rebels need a squadron that is up to the task of taking them on! We bring you Alexander Freed’s Battlefront: Twilight Company!

Tell us what you enjoyed or didn’t about the stories we covered this episode! Be sure to leave a question, comment, or theory at any of the places below and we will read it on the next episode:

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