Temple Archives 7 – This One’s For You Peter

At the beginning of this episode, we pay our respects to Peter Mayhew who passed away on April 30th, 2019.  If you want to help with a great cause please think about donating to the Peter Mayhew Foundation. We then move over to our book reviews for Moving Target, Smuggler’s Run, & The Weapon of a Jedi. Be sure to hold onto your seat because we cover Chewbacca Volume 1, which is a Wookie roaring filled rebellion on a planet we have never seen before!

Peter Mayhew Foundation: http://petermayhewfoundation.org/

Smuggler’s Run Motion Comic: https://bit.ly/2MN46f5

Weapon of a Jedi Motion Comic: https://bit.ly/33lvAho

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