The High Republic Vol.3: Jedi’s End

The Voice of the Force Podcast · The High Republic Vol.3: Jedi’s End Join Noma, Dan and Ed as they encounter Tempest Runners Lourna Dee and Zeetar as well as their mysterious creatures… The High Republic Vol.3: Jedi's End Author: Cavan Scott & Charles SouleCover Artist: Phil NotoArtists: Georges Jeanty (11, 12), Ario Anindito (13-15)Inkers:... Continue Reading →

Star Wars (2015) Vol.3: Rebel Jail

The Voice of the Force Podcast · Star Wars Volume 3 - Rebel Jail On this episode of Temple Archives, Noma, Dan and Ed discuss the events of Star Wars (2016) Volume 3: Rebel Jail . A roller coaster of events takes place that definitely leave readers with many mixed emotions. You’ll need some Corellian... Continue Reading →

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