The Bad Batch S1E14: War-Mantle

The Voice of the Force Podcast · The Bad Batch S1E14 - War-Mantle Join the Voice of the Force Podcast as Dan, Noma and Ed recap and review Episode 14 of the Bad Batch: War-Mantle. How many times have you gone out of your way to help a friend in need, no questions asked? Captain... Continue Reading →

Holonet Headlines 3 – Kenoooooobeeeeehhhhhh!!!!!

The Voice of the Force Podcast · Holonet Headlines 3 - Kenoooooobeeeeehhhhhh!!!!! On this episode of Holonet Headlines, Ed, Dan and Noma bring you news about the upcoming Kenobi Series, LEGO, Star Wars Literature, Merchandise and so much more! Tune in for all your latest updates!Intro and Outro Music by Matthew Pablohttp://www.matthewpablo.com's New Beard: Continue Reading →

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