The High Republic: Eye of the Storm

The Voice of the Force Podcast · The High Republic: Eye of the Storm Join Noma, Dan and Ed as they discover the origins of the mysterious Marchion Ro, villain of The High Republic… The High Republic: Eye of the Storm MiniseriesAuthor: Charles SoulePenciller: Guillermo SannaCover Artist: Ryan Brown Tell us what you enjoyed or... Continue Reading →

Temple Archives 5 – Lost in Love

On this episode of Temple Archives, Dan, Noma, and Ed recap the events of both Star Wars: Lost Stars & Star Wars Vol.2: Showdown on the Smuggler's Moon. Don't miss out our heated discussion about Lost Stars and our thoughts on Star Wars Vol.2! We would love to hear what you thought of these three... Continue Reading →

Episode 2 – The Mandalorian Heist

Take a shortcut through the Kessel Run with Dan, Noma, and Ed as they discuss the latest news around John Williams’ recovery, the set of The Mandalorian and more. We update our literature reading list for October 2018 for your book and comic collections. And a fan favourite character from A New Dawn makes a... Continue Reading →

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