The Voice of the Force Podcast · Brotherhood Join Noma, Dan and Ed as they find out why that business on Kato Neimoidia doesn't count... Brotherhood Author: Mike ChenCover Artist: Laura Racero Tell us what you enjoyed or didn't about our discussion! Be sure to leave a question, comment, or theory at any of the... Continue Reading →

The Bad Batch S1E1: Aftermath

The Voice of the Force Podcast · The Bad Batch S1E1: Aftermath Enter The Bad Batch. Join us as we discuss how the journey starts with Hunter, Wrecker, Tech, Crosshair, and Echo! We are boarding the Havoc Marauder and we have no clue where we are going! May The 4th Giveaway! Twitter Rules: Win a... Continue Reading →

The Clone Wars: The Final Season

The Voice of the Force Podcast · The Clones Wars: The Final Season A New Frontier! The Voice of The Force Podcast begins preparations for the upcoming Bad Batch Animation Series by reviewing the Final Season of The Clone Wars. Join Dan, Noma and Ed as they break down the three arcs of Season 7... Continue Reading →

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